Boating At Catalina Island

It is peaceful boating at Catalina Island, with all the boats bobbing in its harbors. It offers some beautiful coves, and many different amenities, which is the reason for its popularity, as it is the most sought out island in Southern California for a recreational destination for those with boats. Year after year, boat enthusiasts have been arriving on their private boats, which are open cabin runabouts to the biggest yachts on the planet. Because of the way the island is positioned it can provide protected coves on the leeward side which are calm, eccept for the most severe weather, and on the islands windward side is Cat Harbor that also provides safe harbor.



The moorings help to make boating more convenient. Moorings are metal balls that float and are attached to weights at the bottom, which makes it unnecessary to anchor. Avalon Harbor has hundreds of moorings and Descanso, as well as Hamilton coves have dozens more. All of these are overseen and mananged by Avalons Harbor Department.There are hundreds more moorings at the other end of the Island, these are managed by the Catalina Island Company. The many different coves around the island also offer moorings and also protected anchorage places.


A Brief History

There have been thousands of recreational baoters arriving every year as they continue to keep an old tradition alive which goes back thousands of years. The island Pimu’s (the native islanders), would often visit the mainland crossing in nothing more than outrigger style canoes, and they would share their culture and their commodities with the tribes of the mainland before they would return back to their island paradise.


Recreational Boating

Celebrity ‘John Wayne’ used to visit Catlina Island in his famous “Wild Goose.” It had been the elites of Hollywood who initially discovered this island, that was back in the 1920’s, and for years, their yachts could be seen as they were frequent visitors. Emerging back in the eary 20th century as a resort destination in Southern California that offerred recreational boating, which was becoming a one of the popular pastimes.


There are plenty of dining option available, as well as the night life options. There are activities to cover all ages, including some amazing adventures. There is the Zip Line Eco Tour, and for those who prefer diving is an option, For those who likes things a bit slower, one can choose to shop, or soak in a wonderful spa. The island also offers other thigns to do, such as: hiking, biking, golf, the arts & museums, and camping, including water activities like fishing, jet ski rentals, scuba diving, paddleboarding, parasiling, and so much more. It offers the opportunity to splash into the depths of the sparkling Pacific Ocean one minute and float weightlessly above it the next. Catalina Island gives a lot of both, the land and the sea.