Beyond the shining sun and radiant surf and sand lies the unique charms of Newport Beach, California. This is one place that is so great to visit, that just one visit will have you coming back for so much more. From surfing lessons to sunset cruises, harbor-front promenades to wine tastings, Newport Beach has a lot of things to offer a traveler when it comes to things to do and ways to spend your time while visiting. Take your time and relax, unwind and really enjoy the picturesque views of the sunsets and sunrises of California over the Pacific Ocean. What seems like just another beach to some, is actually a paradise.

Newport Beach has the largest recreational harbor in California and there are over 10 miles of swimming spots, aquatic sports activities, fishing, and of course surfing on some great waves. There are 10 distinct neighborhoods that make up all of Newport Beach, each that has its very own unique personality, story and natural beauty that is longing to be shared. Not to mention this area is great for a quiet escape where you can find seaside oasis’ that will tempt you with shopping, stunning landscapes, and elegance of fun in the sun.

When visiting Newport Beach, you can enjoy unlimited things to do. There is luxury shopping, championship golf, spa treatments, and even sample a bit of the aspirational and sophisticated lifestyle to be found in this unique yet exotic location.

If you love activities, then you are going to love that Newport Beach is home to the Newport Beach Film Festival, Hyatt Regency Summer Concert Series, Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race, Newport Beach Independence Day on the Bay, Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade, and even Restaurant week for those foodies out there who enjoy fine dining and great cuisine.

There are plenty of fun things to do in Newport Beach with a lot of attractions that have been focused on families, singles, and couples. If you love the outdoors then you are going to love all the cycling and hiking trails as well as the surfing, and even sailing for those who love to be out on the water.

Take time and visit the harbor where you can choose to go on aquatic adventures from stand-up paddle boarding all the way to sunset cruises where you can treat your special someone to a lovely romantic dinner. There are plenty of activities in Newport Beach. Take your time and take an art walk, go on a tour, enjoy various wine tastings, take a break and enjoy live entertainment and the cultural venues that will take most of your time.

You can create unique and lasting memories on the California beaches, but there aren’t any other places like Newport Beach with its harbor, breathtaking seaside cliffs, and it will always leave you with a desire to want to return every single time that you arrive near the city. What are you waiting for? Take a journey and head out.