Sometimes you gotta treat yourself. I had planned a nice day for my significant other and myself out in Newport Beach, celebrating an anniversary of sorts.  Obviously, I knew we had to spend some of the day out on the water, and I considered everything from a duffy boat to a dinner cruise at one of those large companies that specializes in dinner cruises, to an Air B’n’B rental. Then BAM!  The perfect option presented itself to me.  (This review is specifically targeted at that option.) There’s a couple of things that I love – one of them is boating (so long as someone else is driving), and another is hot tubs.  PARADISO put them together for me, in an epic surprise for my girlfriend.  She had no idea that such a thing existed.  Sure, there are large yachts with hot tubs on them, but those are reserved for the lifestyles of the rich and famous (old 80’s reference here…)  Paradiso’s hot tub boat is more like a floating hot tub in that most of the boat’s deck is occupied by the tub.  The tub can fit 4 comfortably, 6 if you’re friendly, or just two if that’s what you like.  There is plenty of nice seating on the boat, too, such that you could take a party of 10 out for a cruise if you want to take turns taking a dip.  (The typical rental is two hours, and taking turns means you don’t spend two hours in the hot tub – you probably shouldn’t, anyway!  We did.) Now, there were plenty of boats out on the water, from kayaks to big party yachts.  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM checked out our impressive little floating paradise.  So if you’re looking to turn heads and have a great cruise in style, this is the way to go. Paradiso also took care of all the details from me: online reservation and communication were a snap, and they have contracted local parking just a brief walk away.  Their office on the dock is a little hard to find, but that didn’t matter as they come out and greet you and escort you to your on-water destination.  It tips the scales a little bit at $400 for my two hour rental, but that’s competitive with the rates of other boats of similar size…and oh yeah, those don’t have HOT TUBS on them.

Mike N. - Adventure Yacht Charter