There are several ways to go about launching your watercraft into the water, you have probaly noticed this during the times you were visiting a lakeside property that was also used for water recreation. Generally there will be a paved road which is going into the water and is used for backing the trailer carryng the watercraft down in the water, detaching and pulling the trailer away. However, after getting the watercraft into the water there is the problem of geting in and out of it. Now this is where the boat slips and docks come into the picture and they are handy too. However, which one is the best for you?

There are only a few dfferences between the two, however, both will benefit a person geting on and off of a watercraft without having to get in the water or get wet. It is signficant that all individuals be aware of safety measures anytime they are using them, and always play it safe by wearing a properly fitting personal floating device (PFD) as well as non-slip shoes.

One way that boat slips are different than docks is that they will not be as open in a space. Whereas, they are similar to a parking stall, only they are for watercrafts, and docks are in the open with more space and may have a section that is t-shaped.

When deciding on whether to get boat-slips or a dock for your lakehouse one should take into consideration how many different kinds of watercrafts are going to be used. For instance, the latter should work nicely if it is in a secluded area where there will not be but a minimal of other crafts. On the other hand, if it is going to be an area that is used a lot by various other watercrafts, a boat-slip could be the better choice.

If you can not decide between the two for your lakehouse it could benefit you to first consult a marine construction company, such as Renegar Construction and let experience help in guiding you with your decision making. We have the ability to help you in determining which of the two would be better for you, as well as for your budget.

Whenever you pull into a marina you have the option of asking for either option. The main difference being where you will be parking your boat. Do you want to park in an area that is adjacent to the wharf or a pier or between piers or wharves? One option has a single pier, the other has two piers on each side. The most important thing about a pier is that it only opens on one end. A dock on the other hand has three sides opened.