When it comes to buying or renting a yacht, it is important to know what each type of yacht provides. The type of yacht will determine how your experience goes, this includes basic terms associated with the yacht industry.

There are several categories of yachts, which refer to their size (overall length). The larger the yacht, the more people it can safely hold. They are:

  • Cruiser Yachts – Typically over 36’
  • Super Yachts – Typically over 78’
  • Mega Yachts – Typically over 164’


There are also many types of yachts, each used for fulfilling a different pleasure experience. The main types include sailing, catamaran, gullet, and motor yachts. Each type can be placed in sub-categories as well. For instance, motor yachts fall under single, double, or more engines. There are open or flybirdge designs, etc.

You will want to choose your yacht based on what you are wanting to achieve, from exploration, adventure, or a high-speed rush. Below is a list of the different types of yachts, and a short description.

Motor Yachts

These are among the most commonly chosen option. Motor yachts provide high speed performance, stability and volume.

Sailing Yachts

Another popular choice, sailing yachts provide a more romantic experience. It’s also a popular option for getting on the water and experiencing the freedom of the water, wind and sails.

Catamaran Yachts

The Catamaran design provides a multi-hull option that provides cruising comfort like no other. These are a great option if cruising and relaxing is your goal.

Gulet Yachts

The Gulet yacht is a combination design which uses both sails and engine to provide a powerful, yet elegant yacht. You can experience the freedom of the sea, with the comfort of an engine.

Expedition Yachts

This type of yacht is designed specifically with exploration. They are best if long-range cruising is required, and fully capable of traveling all edges of the world.

Open Yachts

The open style yachts provide a high-performance experience that is exhilarating. Their style and speed make them a desired luxury for many.

Sport Fisher

These yacht designs are capable of exploration, built to be durable, and of course, big game fishing! This yacht is great for hardcore fishing enthusiasts.

Classic Yachts

These yachts provide a classic style, allowing an authentic cruising experience. They provide great character and elegant appearance.


These are the types of yachts, as you can see the type can greatly determine how your experience goes. If you are wanting to explore, you may want to consider a yacht designed for longer trips. Of course, if it is the experience of high speeds and adrenaline, mixed with relaxing you probably want a motor yacht. Otherwise, take your spouse out on the sea for a romantic getaway with a sailing yacht.