If you own a boat, especially a yacht you want to ensure it is in top condition and remains in the best possible condition to extend the life span. To do this, you need to know how to properly clean and care for your yacht. Although having the correct products and devoting your time to maintenance is important, there are several things that you can do to reduce the amount of time and effort required.

To maintain your yacht’s pristine condition, the key factor is regular attention, not the occasional cleaning. If you leave the yacht grimy or salty, it will result in an increased amount of grot compared to a yacht that is well cleaned and waxed, which means less intervention to retain its beautiful appearance. By cleaning and caring for your yacht along the way, you will find it much easier to maintain.

Did you know, topside surfaces that are kept protected and smooth using wax polish will shed away dirt and water, while a dull hull traps small dirt particles quickly, leading to more frequent cleaning? Also, the grey marks developed under aluminum toe rails and other fittings can be removed using a proprietary black mark cleaner. By applying a coat of wax, you can slow the process from reoccurring.

Deck Cleaning

You can use stiff bristle deck brushes for cleaning painted and fiberglass decks. Alternatively, you can pressure wash them. Although, teak has softer areas in the grain, requiring softer treatments. To increase longevity on these type of decks and developing the natural patina is to expose it to salt water and sun, if needed apply salt water with a bucket. Alternatively, a soft brush or sponge can be used to give a scrubbed finish.

Canvas Work

When spotless, cockpit covers, Biminis, sprayhoods, dodgers, and sail covers look amazing. Although, when it collects a thin layer of dirt, the fabric’s appearance quickly drops. This is mainly because green algae and mold feed on the dirt particles, specifically when fabric remains wet long-term.

To ensure fabric dries quicker, use fresh water to rinse dirt and salt off. Proprietary mold cleaner can be used once mold is detected, gently scrub using a soft brush if needed. Then, thoroughly rinse fabric, and remember to retreat for water resistance.

Rope Cleaning

Ropes become stiff when exposed to seawater for long periods of time. To reduce this issue, rinse with fresh water regularly. If you need to deeply clean the ropes, use warm soapy water in a wheelie bin or bath and scrub heavily soiled areas with a sponge.

Interior Cleaning

One of the key factors of cleaning and caring for your yacht is to ensure the interior is clean and dry. If available, you can use a dehumidifier. Alternatively, you need to ensure ventilation is good. Swinging mooring boats achieve a good air flow easily, but for those with fore and aft or pontoon moorings, airflow can be more challenging.

Solar powered vents are one option, with one set to bring air in, and one on the other side to push air out. Keeping it dry inside eliminates mold, and increases your yachts life span.