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Things you should ask and know before chartering a Scattering of Ashes Service

Licensing, Location, Cost, Schedule, Service and Vessel

By asking the right questions, comparing prices and services, and making informed decisions, you can make arrangements that are meaningful to your family and control the costs for yourself and your family.


What city is the vessel docked and where will the scattering of ashes service occur?

You want to ensure the location you book your Burial at Sea is a desirable location for you and your guests. Does the location have special meaning to you or your loved one who has passed?

Where does the scattering of ashes and services occur?

Most vendors will have an area close to the harbor, in the open ocean, to which they are docked, but they will change that location should the family wish to scatter the ashes in a different location along the coast. Typically, more charter time will be needed at an additional cost.

For example: Your lost loved one used to live or vacation in that city/location. Their fond memories were spent being on the water growing up. That, or maybe they just always desired and planned for their ashes to be Scattered at Sea one day…

What is the parking situation and is it in the same location?

  1. How close is the parking to where the Yacht is docked?

  2. Is there handicap parking available?

  3. Is the parking free or is there a cost?

  4. Is there enough parking available for all guests?


What are the costs and fees and what is included?

What is the maximum capacity?

Some vendors charge depending on the number of guests – tiered pricing

Are food and drinks included in the price of the charter?

Some vendors include soft drinks, bottled water and coffee with a bar service for purchase. Most vendors allow food to be either brought on or catered.

Is parking included?

Find out where and what the cost is if not included.

Are flowers provided?

Some vendors include long-stem roses to each guest to be tossed into the ocean during the service.


What is to be expected the day of the service?

When should the immediate family arrive at the boat to give remains to the captain?

How long does it take to get to and from the dock to the service/scattering location?

How much time is allotted for the service and scattering of ashes?

What is the best time of day for a scattering of ashes at sea?

Because it is legally necessary to be outside of a harbor and out into the open ocean, the wind and ocean swell is taken into consideration.

Morning or early afternoon are the best times, as wind and swell tend to be calmer during that time.

What does the service include?

Services vary by different vendors. It is important to know so that you and your family are comfortable with what is offered.

If you would like to omit or add to the service, you can discuss this with the vendor.

Are there additional services that can be added?

Some vendors offer bagpipe players to play during guest boarding and during the charter itself.

Vendors may also offer Military Service Honor Guard. If your loved one served in any branch of the U.S. military an honor guard can be arranged with the military branch served, at no charge to the family.


Who performs the ceremony/service?

Typically, the captain would be the one performing the service however some families prefer to have their own officiant.

How much time do you allow for the service and scattering of ashes?

Find out how much time is allotted for the service and scattering in the case you would like to add or omit any of the service offered. The family may want to add to the service which may require more time.

Are you allowed to do your own service and not the one that is provided by the charter?

Some families prefer to do their own ceremony/service. Most vendors will allow this.

Who scatters the ashes? Can family members assist with the scattering?

Typically, the captain will assist up to two guests with the scattering into the ocean. Knowing this, you have the opportunity to decide on who those two people will be.

How early do I need to arrive before my charter begins?

This depends on the vendor you are chartering with. Your arrival time could allow time to meet with the Captain and crew beforehand.

How are the ashes prepared for the service?

Some vendors will prepare the remains in a lined basket and covered with long-stem roses and rose petals. This varies with each vendor.

Can I bring my own biodegradable urn?

As of 2012 it is now legal to use biodegradable urns off the coast of California.

Does the vendor give the family a certificate of Latitude and Longitude of where the scattering occurred?

Some charters provide this so in the case the family would like to return to that spot in the future they would have the coordinates. It also can provide the date, name of decedent and the captain that performed the service.


What is the maximum capacity of the vessel?

Can you play music and slideshow during the charter?

Most vessels will have a sound system and TV that guests can plug into.

Where can pictures and other items be displayed?

Some families have pictures and memories that they would like to display. Find out where these can be placed and if they have easels for larger items.

Are there restrictions to decorations?

Balloons, confetti and open-flame candles are usually prohibited.

Is the vessel handicap accessible?

Licensed Cremated

Remains Disposer

You want to ensure that the company you choose is a Licensed Cremated Remains Disposer with the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau. You may use their online search tool to verify a license. Each license record will reflect if a license is current, expired, or has been subject to disciplinary action such as suspension or revocation. You may also call the CFB to verify.

Cemetery and Funeral Bureau

1625 North Market Blvd., Suite S-208

Sacramento, CA 95834

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