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Tours of Newport Harbor

Exploring Newport Harbor With Paradiso Charters

Duffy Boat Tour

Cruise the Newport Harbor on a Duffy Boat Tour. Our quiet, comfortable, all-electric Duffy Boat includes a full overhead canopy, 2 center tables for foods and drinks, and comfortable seating for everyone. You can amplify your party with our onboard sound system with deluxe marine speakers. Then sit back and enjoy the sights and your time on the water.

Passengers: 6 | Hours: 2

Harbor Cruise - Pontoon Boat

Enjoy a casual Tour tour around Newport Harbor on one of our Suntracker Pontoon Boats. You may bring your own Food and Beverages. You and your guests can then enjoy libations and laughs while cruising Newport Harbor.

Passengers: 6 | Hours: 2

Tiki Boat Tour - Newport Harbor Cruise

Tiki Boat Tours are available for single ticket holders and all the way up to parties of 12. Our Tiki boat includes a bar with shade and an open air area to relax and enjoy your Captained tour of the harbor. All Boat tours offer an available beverage service and guests are also allowed to bring their own beverages aboard the cruise.

You and your guests can then enjoy free-flowing libations while cruising around beautiful Newport Harbor. This is while you sitting at the Tiki Bar or just lounging in the surrounding seats, enjoying the perfect day on the water. Formal Tours can be included, information regarding history, private estates, and million-dollar yachts. Clients are welcome to bring onboard their own food and beverage items, or relax service and have the Beverage Service provided by Paradiso Charters.

Passengers: 12 | Hours: 2

Harbor Cruise - Paradiso Yacht

Private Two-Hour tour on Motor Yacht Paradiso around the six islands in Newport Harbor. Tour includes information regarding history, the private estates, and million-dollar yachts.

Passengers: 24 | Hours: 2

Passengers: 46 | Hours: 2

Coastal Sea Life Adventure

Enjoy a tour on the Yacht Paradiso. Cruise south of Newport Harbor towards Laguna Beach in search of local sea life including Dolphin, Sea Lion, and Whale Watching.

Passengers: 24 | Hours: 3

Passengers: 46 | Hours: 3

Emerald Bay Adventure

A coastal cruise to Emerald Bay in search of local sea life. Drop anchor, enjoy bay with floating Lily Pad.

Passengers: 24 | Hours: 4

Passengers: 46 | Hours: 4

Island Getaway I

Get away from it all aboard Motor Yacht Paradiso for a yachting excursion to Catalina Island! Only 22 miles across a short stretch of the Pacific Ocean, Catalina Island offers something for everyone.

Passengers: 46 | Hours: 10

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