Have you been looking for the good life on the water? For many, the dream is found on a motor yacht, which is normally longer than 40 feet and is powered by twin or single engines that are quite powerful. Lately, there have been some motor yachts that come with 2-4 pod drives, which give it better maneuverability and joystick steering. These are the types of yachts that make a voyage from continent to continent. They have air conditioning, generated electricity, and plumbing that give you the comforts of home while you are off adventuring. There are also launch systems that you can deploy your tenders and personal watercrafts when you want.

Flybridge and Sports Cruisers

These are the yacht that are smaller than 18 meters long. They can have a main deck and living quarters below and may have a small flybridge. These particular models are actually known for all of their sleek and sporty looks as well as being compact and quite easy to maneuver by a single person. They are also called Mediterranean style boats, and best for day cruising and short navigation programs.

Luxury Motor Yachts

These yachts are about 24 meters long and are great for large group or families. They are habitually crewed by seasonal or permanent crews of 2-4 people. As a general rule that are very spacious, stable and have been designed for pure comfort, which make them great for entertaining as well. They are well equipped with different amenities like water sports equipment and entertainment equipment.


These are the yachts that are more than 30 meters long and are called super yachts for 2 reasons – their size and they have a full time crew. They are also known for their high purchase prices and maintenance costs but can have a lot of features like cinemas to Jacuzzis. There isn’t a real distinction made between sail and motor for a super yacht. They are normally equipped with various item like water sports equipment and audio-visual entertainment equipment.

Mega Yachts

These are the yachts that are more than 50 meters long and are designed or super large groups or larger families. They are manned by professional crews of multiple full time members. These are the yachts that are the biggest in size, luxury and facilities. They can accommodate a lot of guests sleeping and cruising a well as have everything from dance floors, cinemas, gyms, spas, conference rooms and swimming pools. You will often find them in the Persian Gulf or the Caribbean for winter and in the Mediterranean for Summer time. They are really well made for transatlantic ranges.

Motor yachts are basically the ruler of the sea and can be made with different motors, looks, and even facilities. Each one will be different and they will certainly make you ooh and ahh as you climb aboard. Just remember a motor yacht is one that is powered by a motor and can take you all over the world.